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The Homebodies

Making strange props and creatures for horror films is something I've always enjoyed, and in Sean Perry Production's newest film, "The Homebodies," my partner Jesse Lechok and I did exactly that!


Sean Perry Productions, ran by none other than director/producer Sean Perry himself has always been one of my favorite folks to work with. His concepts are always fresh and creatively strung together, and being able to work with those ideas to make his stories come to life is something I am just so honored to get to be a part of.


We created a slew of props, environmental effects and characters for this film. From demon-like witches, to tortured inhabitants of a haunted home, we had some fun with this one! But what am I saying, honestly we have fun anytime we get to throw blood all over the place! Gallons..and gallons of fake blood that is, on a dead dog of course...


Don't worry, no animals were harmed. This is just a stand in for the lovely "Buddy", our canine star of the show. But, what would the show be without a few creatures from hell tossed in.....


These lovely girls endured over four hours of cosmetic application and truly did an amazing job!! The demon witch cosmetic application as my personal favorite though. The prosthetic piece was sculpted by Jesse, and I applied and detailed it! Check out the before and after below....


We also created a web slinging gun for the film, to add fast and realistic easy environmental effects to the home we were shooting in! I uploaded some video footage of that as well! Check it out, and be sure to check out "The Homebodies" by Sean Perry Productions!

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