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Dead Star: Check me out!

Hey everyone! Please take a few moments to check out my newest acting debute in "Dead Star!" Yes, this photo is me in 3 HOURS of makeup sculpted and applied by Manda Fabian, applied and painted by Matt Stahura and painted by me! Wig by Hair Especially for You!

This is a science fiction/action thriller about a group of mercenaries attempting to take down an intergalactic crime lord.

I had the honor of creating some props, creating some sfx, and playing the cat creature you see that growls "Don't move", KithAm Zinn.

There are so many amazing actors, actresses and artists who I got to meet, and work alongside in this! From getting to act alongside the epically amazing Tom Savini, Kyle Kelly who were phenomenal - to seeing my fiance Jesse Lechok in action directing/writing, organizing a massive crew and art directing/fx supervising his own first film, to the hard work of amazing FX Coordinator and Production Supervisor Leni Lenapi who built sets, armor, guns, supervised cosmetics, fabricated molds and props, provided a space for the film shoot with his company Standard Union Art & Supply Co.., to the camera knowledge of our friends, viking king Steve Kwiatkowski ( owner of Maxxteck audio visual services ), kickass film maker and camera operator Nick Rock ( of Bleeding Rock Productions ) and amazing film maker and camera operator Sean Perry of Sean Perry Productions who ALL went out of their way to make this look amazing and worked within every crazy scenario you can think up, to the endless list of awesome SFX makeup artists, camera operators, and film crew. There are just so many amazing people featured in this and literally the list goes on for pages and every single person involved made this possible so THANK YOU! In particular I also wanted to thank awesome FX artists Manda Fabian, and Matt Stahura who created KithAm from the ground up and applied her most days on me. I also got to do her paint scheme on my own face a few times also which was weird/fun. Please check this out and support the work of Pittsburgh film makers!

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