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Runway Trends and Palettes for Halloween!

Want to get into the Halloween spirit, but simultaneously don't want to get covered in fake blood? More of a glamorous type of Halloween goer? Check out these new trends with a creepy twist hitting the runways!

Vampilicious Palette


This look is semi disturbing yet strangely alluring with smeared blood like lips and dark set eyes. 1.) Apply a white cream makeup all over the face and neck such as Make Up Forever Aqua Cream in Snow ( $23.00 ), blending it into your chest and ears. If white is too stark for your skin tone, you can use a shade 3-4 times lighter than your own. The more ghastly the better! 2.) Apply a grey eyeshadow such as Urban Decay's Gun Metal ( $18.00 ) to the top eyelid, and the bottom, right below the water line. Leave the waterline white or apply your white cream makeup to make it white. Blend your grey eyeshadow out in the crease. Apply a dark, greyish blue shadow like Sephora Collection's Sailor Kiss Eyeshadow ( $13.00 ) in the crease of the eyes, and again on the bottom eyelid right below the water line. 3.) Apply a fairly bright red lipstick, such as Kat Von D's Studded Kiss in Underage Red ( $ 21.00 ) to the lips. Take your finger or a small brush and at the corner of your lips smear the lipstick up and out.

Twisted Superglam Palette


This look is both stunning, unique and insanely, well, glittery! 1.)Apply a blue cream makeup all over the face, leaving the corners of the jaw, a box around the eyes, and the top of the forhead free of makeup. You can use tape to make a perfect strait edge by laying it on the areas you don't want the cream to touch, and then carefully peeling it away. Obsessive Compulsive Cream Color Concentrate in "Melody" blue, ( $20.00 ) works well for this. 2.) Apply a bright orange lipstick in a vibrant tone such as Kat Von D's Studded Kiss in "COUNTESS" ( 21.00 ). 3.) Now for the fun part, get some spirit gum and apply it all over the face and lips, let it air dry until slightly tacky. When you apply it make sure you do not smudge or smear your cream makeup underneath. You may even want to spray the cream makeup with a final seal product before you apply the spirit gum. I used Matte Ben Nye Spirit ( $11.00 ) 4.) Get some small gems, in blue and orange. Apply the blue gems as closely together as you can all over the blue area of the face. Do the same with the orange gems on the lips. You can even put some spirit gum on the gem and apply it if youre having trouble with it. Gems work best for a glamrous appeal but you can also use small pieces of glitter! Bling Gems ( $2.50 a pack ). 5.) Last but not least cut out a square piece of mesh, black fabric. Make sure you can see out of it. It should reach from temple to temple over the eyes, resting on the bridge of your nose between the eyes. Apply spirit gum to this and attach it over top of your gems over the eyes. Wallah! Let it dry, you can also use a blow dryer to speed up the process.

Queen of Midnight Palette


It's ALL about the lips with this mysterious and vampy look!

1.) Apply a flawless layer of foundation in your skin tone to the face with a brush or sponge, and over the lips and eyes. I'm a big fan of Makeup Forever HD Invisible Cover Liquid Foundation ($42.00). 2.) Line the lips with a reddish, deep dark berry tone like Obsessive Compulsive's Black Dahlia Lip Pencil ($16.00). Afterwards, apply a stunning blackberry hue like Kat Von D's Studded Kiss in "HOMEGIRL" ( 21.00 ). This is THE KEY to this look! 3.) Now for the fun part, get some spirit gum and apply it all over the face and lips, let it air dry until slightly tacky. When you apply it make sure you do not smudge or smear your cream makeup underneath. You may even want to spray the cream makeup with a final seal product before you apply the spirit gum. I used Matte Ben Nye Spirit ( $11.00 ) 4.) Brush a matte, white or nude eyeshadow onto the eyes. You want to use a tone 2-3 times lighter than your own, and a matte shade without glitter. Apply it to the upper and lower lid, and on the lower water line. Apply under the brow arch. Sephora's Collection in "Colorful" Eyeshadow ($13.00) has a great array of matte shades and white for pale skin tones. 5.) Lightly brush some nude, sheer light blush to the apples of your cheeks. Use a natural, flushing pink like tone such as Diorskin Nude Shimmer Illuminating Powder in Rose ($56.00) 6.) Lastly, apply a luminzor/highlight to your upper cheek bones, and lightly to the inner corner of the eyes such as Benefit's Watts Up in luminous champagne ($30.00)

Metal Pop Palette


This look combines cute, bubblegum like hues with stark metallics to create a cosmic like appearance. 1.) Apply a white, metallic shadow with glitter to the eye on the top lid, bottom lid, on th water line and in the inner corners of the eyes. I used Urban Decay Polyester Bride ($18.00), apply a purpleish/grey shadow to the crease of the eyes and blend almost to the middle of the top lid, and almost to the middle of the bottom lid, leaving your white tone visible in the inner corners of the eyes and near the middle of the eyes. I used Urban Decay ACDC, purplish greyish shadow with shimmer ($18.00 ). Last, in the crease apply a deep grey metallic heavily like Urban Decay GunMetal ($18.00). Blend this tone well in the crease on the top lid and also add some to the bottom lid on the outer corner. 2.) Line eyes with a black, liquid liner with glitter in a cat eye formation. Sephora Collection Waterproof Liquid Liner in Black Lace, Matte ($12.00) is perfect. 3.) Apply, thick, glamrous black lashes such as Sephora's "Mainstay" Lashes ($10.00) 4.) Line the lips with a silvery, metallic liner such as Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil in Cuff ($20.00). You may need to use an eyeliner instead of a lipliner in order to get a more vivid look. It won't hurt your lips. After your silver liner, apply a silver lipstick such as Obsessive Compulsive Creme Color Concetrate in Mercury ($20.00) 6.) Brush on a shimmery, bubblegum pink hue to the apples of the cheeks. Don't worry about going natural with this, and pic a vibrant pink shade with shimmer. Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush in Candy Glow ($30.00) is the perfect shade. 7.) Finish it off with a heavy highlight on the upper cheek bones and under the brow arch, try Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone ( $38.00)

Living Art Palette


A literal artistic approach paired with a high impact, glamorous touch! 1.) Pick up some cream colors in vivid shades such as Obsessive Compulsive's Cream Colour Concentrates in Grandma ( pink ), Icarus ( Shimmering Gold ), Melody ( Blue ), Beholder ( teal ), and Miriam ( plum ), Bauhaus (Black) at $20.00 a shade. With a small paint brush or cosmetic brush, apply various shades of your cream colors in block like shapes to the eyes. Avoid using your black shade until you have blocked out your upper and lower lids with various vibrant tones. Go crazy! You can add small blocks of various shades all the way up to the brows and even slightly above then. Then, go back in and add swipes of black, as if in an extreme cat eye to the upper lid on the lash line, and once on each eye on the bottom lid in the corner in a sweeping motion. 2.) With the same cream black shade you used, line your brows as if in a pop art fashion. 3.) Spray your eyes, closing them lightly while you do, with a setting spray like Final Seal ($8.50) to set it and prevent creasing. 4.) Appy a nude shade of lipstick to the lips, such as Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Agatha ($21.00) 5.) Lastly define the cheek bones by swiping a nude bronzer lightly along them. Try Nars Contour Blush ($42.00)

Mermaid Palette


This unique use of glitter and sequins pieces creates a magical yet glam possible halloween look! 1.) Apply a shimmery white shadow to the entire eyelid, top and bottom, and in the inner creases of the eyes. Try Stila's Chinois ( pearly white shadow ) ($18.00). Then, apply a bronze shimmery shadow in the crease, and blend halfway across the upper and lower lid. Check out Stila Shadow in Golightly, a shimmery bronze, ($18.00 ). Last, use a deep brown shimmer shadow, like Stila's Eyeshadow in Espresso ($18.00) in the crease lightly, and apply in the corners of the lower lid and blend inwards. 2.) Use a glitter liner like Urban Decay's Heavy Metal Liquid Glitter Liner in Midnight Cowboy ($19.00) on the top lid above the lash line, swiping outwards and covering the top lid, but not extending into the crease. 3.) Line the bottom water line of your eyes with a white eyeliner. Try Obsessive Compulsive's True White ($16.00) 4.) Coat your lashes in a luxurious layer of heavy black mascara, I love Benefit's They're Real in Black ($23.00) 5.) Apply some vaseline ($2) to your eyebrows to ensure that they dont get ripped out from the spirit gum. I always use Matte Ben Nye Spirit ( $11.00 ). Then apply a layer of spirit gum to the brow area lightly and right above the eye. Apply the spirit gum where you plan to attach your sequins, and dont overuse it. You only need a little. Let it get tacky, then apply your sequins one by one. This look calls for two different kinds of sequins. Small bronze sequins that look like metallic little donuts, and large pieces of opal-like sequins applied in rows. You can pick these up easily at a craft store for about $2-3 a pack. 6.) Define your cheek bones by shading them with a bronzer with shimmer, such as Bobbi Brown's Copper Diamond Shimmer Brick ($45.00) 7.) Lastly apply a matte light peachy lipstick to the lips. Check out Nars Lipstick in Honolulu Honey ($26.00)

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