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Too Faced Cosmetics Cocoa Contour: REVIEW!

I'm always on the hunt for a new contour palette. You could say I have an obsession. I came across the Too Faced "Cocoa Contour" palette yesterday, and had to grab it. I won't lie, the chocolate scent definitely had my attention, but the shades in this palette were also unique and pleasing. I immediately went home, took off my makeup and reapplied it ( yes, reapplied all of my makeup! hah! ) just to see what this little beauty could do.

Here is what I looked like before my normal cosmetic regime, and before I used the palette AND here's what I looked like after using the palette. I totally adored this addition to my cosmetic kit.

Check out my review of it below! Too Faced Cocoa Contour Palette Review:

Brand's Official Product Description: "An exclusive face contouring and highlighting kit to enhance and minimize facial features in just a few simple steps. Look instantly slimmer, get lifted cheekbones, or sculpt your features like an A-list celebrity with the Too Faced Cocoa Contour Kit—only at Sephora. Perfect for wearing separately or blending together, this curated kit provides two essential sculpting shades, a matte highlighter, and a luminous light shade for a contoured look that stands out. Infused with the antioxidant-rich, cocoa complex, these powders layer together seamlessly and indulge you with a decadent chocolate scent. This kit features Too Faced's Contour Buki Brush for the most professional sculpting effect, and it includes its signature Glamour Guide with three contour looks to get you started. "

My Personal Product Description: Probably the best smelling contour kit you'll ever own! Includes two contour shades, dark and medium, and two highlight shades, one that is a basic highlight vanilla shade and one with pops and flecks of gold shimmer. This palette is versatile, and can be used on an array of skin tones. It's blendable, made with good for you ingredients, infused with cocoa antioxidants and it can easily upgrade your contouring regime in a few simple steps. This is a quality palette that everyone should check out!

Packaging: This product comes in brown box trimmed in metallic gold designs. Upon opening the box, you pull out the palette, which is also brown. It flips open to reveal its four shades, a mirror, and a mini kabuki contour brush. The brush is so soft, and smooth. It is also angled, and definitely high quality. It apples your shades smoothly and precisely with ease. It can also blend. The shades in this palette include two deeper contouring shades and two highlight tones. Very cute package, very sturdy, easy to use, and protects the products inside well. 5/5

Price: This product includes a brush, four high quality shades for contouring and a flip mirror. It will run you about $40.00, and although that price may be steep for some it is well worth every penny. You get a good deal of product in this palette also. 5/5 Accessibility: Too Faced cosmetics are sold on their own website, at Sephora, Ulta and many other major cosmetic retailers. Super easy to find! 5/5

Smell: The smell of this palette really caught my attention, because of course, it smells like actual chocolate. The reason for this is that it is actually infused with cocoa antioxidants which are spectacular for the skin! You can feel great about smelling chocolatey, and knowing your skin is getting a boost while you contour. 5/5

Product Texture: This is a powder palette. The powder is very smooth and blendable. It doesn't cake, flake, bunch or bead in strange places. The powder is easy to apply with the included brush in both precise and blended ways. Very, very nice application. You could easily get an airbrushed contour look with this palette. 5/5

Special Features of this Product: Of course, the cocoa scent is one! The others are that it is cruelty free, gluten free and vegan friendly! No parabens, sulfates or phthalates included either! This contour palette also includes a highlight shade with golden flecks in it, which is unique for a contour. This allows you to really add some intense strobing affects to you contour. Travel Size: Yes, it is travel size

Can you use for everyday Use?: Yes! The antioxidants from the infused cocoa in this make it a perfect contour product for everyday use. You'll be enriching your skin as you chisel it!

Tips and Tricks with this product: Use the included "contour how tos" included with this palette to achieve three different contours. A more "girl next door" look, a more chiseled look and a "celebrity" contour. Pretty cool! They have step by step photos of each look inside the box!

Overall Review: If you need a new contour product, and want an all in one palette to solve your issues absolutely check out this wonderfully smelling, good for you ingredients, cocoa contour palette. It is absolutely one of my new faves. This palette is versatile enough for most skin tones, blends and smooths easily, comes with an amazing/cute brush and it looks believable. You'll have no issue creating your contour with this product. You can also create an array of contoured looks from simple, to strobed, to celebrity level. Everything about this palette is A+, no buyers remorse here! The shades aren't muddy either, and are true to tone. 5/5

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