Al Franken Doesn't Get a Pass.

I’m tired of this Al Franken excusatory bullshit.

No one gets a pass when it comes to sexual assault, not Al Franken, not Roy Moore, and not Donald Trump. Men who commit these types of crimes are not sorry, they’re only sorry you found out about it. #AlFranken’s actions are disgusting.

Do not diminish them.

Do not attempt to excuse them away. This case warrants an investigation. Do not cherry pick who is and isn't possibly guilty of assault.

Assault is assault. It’s not funny. Stop attempting to make excuses for him. It’s not ok when Al Franken does it. It’s not ok when Roy Moore does it. It's not ok when Donald Trump does it.

It’s not fucking ok.

“But the woman Al Franken assaulted posed nude!” Women who pose nude can still be assaulted, their testimony is not magically invalid. Female sexuality is not a crime. I pose nude. It doesn’t mean I deserve to be assaulted. Women are allowed to be openly, consensually sexual and their voices are still valid. What is a crime is non-consensual actions which sadly and unsurprisingly our government, and culture, is full of.

“BUT SHE assaulted other people!” If she did she’s awful as well and her actions are also unacceptable, that being said those who are guilty of assault are still capable of being assaulted themselves. Consent. Matters.

You can not claim to be politically progressive, or stand for the rights of assault victims while simultaneously attempting to excuse someone’s predatory and problematic behavior simply because they share the same political party as you. If you’re calling for the head of Trump, and want to investigate the claims of the 19 victims who have been assaulted by him (and that investigation should totally happen) - but don’t think Franken actually did anything because he’s part of your political party you’re doing this wrong. If you think it’s ridiculous that the Trump campaign calls the countless accusations against him “fake news” but simultaneously, immediately think the victim assaulted by Al Franken is “fake news” you’re really shitty at believing women. Assault is wrong, no matter what political party those who committed it are a part of. Also, groping someone or kissing them forcefully without their consent IS assault. Assault is physical contact that isn't consented to, period.

The hypocrisy within some of these “Democratic” groups is repulsive. Many are attempting to claim that just because Franken is in their political party, and could have committed assault that it can’t POSSIBLY be legitimate. They’re claiming non-consensually kissing or touching someone isn’t assault, or that the victims nude images somehow make her account invalid. No, no and no. “BUT HE APOLOGIZED!” His apology means nothing because it does nothing to solve the core issue that this kind of behavior has been normalized.

His apology does not make his actions any less acceptable or magically legal. Negative ten points for mimicking conservative behavior. If you can’t call out issues within your own party you are problematic as fuck.

#SexualAssault #MeToo #RapeCulture

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