Stephen Colbert Didn't Cross The Line, Trump Did

Late Show host and Comedian Stephen Colbert recently unleashed a tirade of cracks at Donald Trump in what has become one of the most talked about comedic monologues of the year.

After Trump cut CBS journalist John Dickerson short when he attempted to get details about the Trump administration's views, Colbert addressed the issue. "Let me introduce you to something we call the Tiffany Way. When you insult one member of the CBS family you insult us all.” Colbert went on, “You talk like a sign-language gorilla that got hit in the head. In fact, the only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s [bleep] holster.” The comment immediately sparked outrage from Trump supporters. The FCC decided to review the commentary as #firecolbert trended on twitter. The alt-right magically embodied the "snowflakes" they seemed to loathe so deeply, infuriated and "offended" - embodying twelve year olds on the playground losing a kickball game, infuriated over a comment that was nowhere near as derogatory as the commentary their president mutters seemingly every other day. The far right usually attacks anyone fighting for political issues, calling them "SJW Snowflakes" and "politically correct liberal nuts" - especially if the focus is on racism, sexism, LGBTQIA rights or class struggle - but apparently, political correctness magically matters if it concerns something they care about - which is Trump.

The Wednesday following the comedic monologue, Colbert refused to apologize, coming onto the stage laughing, asking, "Am I still the host? I'm still the host!" to a round of applause. Did Stephen Colbert cross the line? Television programs airing before 10pm are subject to particular fines regarding content. The FCC can fine content before this time-frame based on whether or not they consider it to be offensive. The Late Night Show airs at about 11:35pm, when the standard programing has more creative freedom, so to speak, and some shows even show mass nudity. Basically, if the monologue was that "intense", it aired at the proper time-frame, leaving it free from the fines the FCC may have considered for before 10pm programs. The phrase being focused on, which is, "cock holster" was also bleeped out. The monologue Colbert gave did, obviously, embody homophobic tendencies. That being said, the attitude overall Stephen Colbert expressed embodied the anger constituents are feeling currently as Trump's administration refuses to give details about legislation, pushes away reporters, denies media coverage and essentially cuts out normal journalist access of White House operations. This is particularly troubling for a multitude of reasons - two being that the Trump administration is being investigated for Russian meddling, and conflicts of interest. This is a valid reason to be concerned and as comedians have done for decades, Colbert exploited the situation for what it was, with truth and humor intermingled. But, let's say for a second that we focused souly on offensive content. Colbert, essentially, made fun of Trump for evading journalists, and for conflicts of interest. Trump, has attempted to normalize assaulting women, claimed an entire background of people are rapists, murderers and criminals, attempted to spread falsehoods about a prior president "wire-tapping" him, discussed penis size during a live debate, agreed with fascist ideals publicly, endorsed grabbing women by the "pussies", infused classism into his healthcare legislation, denied climate science and destroyed the EPA, supported racist propaganda and misogynistic attitudes, attempted to pass xenophobic legislation, and viciously attacks anyone who disagrees with him. But, Colbert can't say Trump is a "cockholster"?

If we're comparing rhetoric, what Colbert said is NOTHING compared to what Trump seems to propagate almost every other day. What's worse, is that Trump attempts to create legislation backing his extremists views, which actually, physically directly influences people. If anyone crossed the line, it was Donald Trump, and it was long before Stephen Colbert ever uttered a single word about his antics.

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