Donald Trump Voters Should Be Ashamed

Donald Trump voters, at the very least some of them, are still magically enthralled with their president. Despite the Trump administration’s continuous slew of scandals, questionable activity, attacks on the lower and middle class, and exceedingly ridiculous tweets voters that supported the lord of “draining the swamp” seem to be convinced that he is "actually" - draining the swamp. The reality of the first few months of the Trump administration are however, pretty terrifying, and today I’ll go over a few reasons as to why Trump supporters should be ashamed, angry, and terrified.

Draining The Swamp? More Like Filling It To The Brim

One of Donald Trump’s most memorable quotes was that of, “draining the swamp.” Trump claimed that he would ensure that big ties to Washington and corporate entities would be kicked out of how he conducted business and White House operations, and instead, he would hire those with no prior government interests. The reality is the exact opposite, and honestly, who would’ve thought any differently coming from a billionaire tycoon? Supporters sure thought Trump’s personal motives and cash ties would be irrelevant but unfortunately were very wrong. Trump’s team is filled with billionaires, many of which have exploited the working and non-working class for decades. Let’s cover a few. Steve Mnuchin, a 17 year employee of Goldman Sachs, involved most memorably in the largest bank failure of 2008. Jeff Sessions, now our Attorney General, vehemently opposes women’s rights, LGBT marriage and has continuously made racist remarks, telling people of color to “be cautious about what they say to white folks.” Sessions has, ironically (huge shocker here), huge ties to the for profit, private prison complex. Rex Tillerson, ExxonMobil Chief Executive is secretary of state. Tillerson also has notable ties to Vladimir Putin due to his Russian deals concerning Exxon. Betsy DeVos, Secretary of Education, has no prior experience in the field of Education, however, she does have an obsession with private schools and charter schools and of course - reforming the education system to better reflect “Christian” values. Her financial ties to foundations that support her views are vast. Scott Pruitt - EPA ( who notably wants to destroy it ) has ties to the fossil fuel industry, including Devon Energy. Steve Bannon - Trump’s key advisor, is an alt-right propaganda machine with ties to Goldman Sachs investment banking, the KKK and the anti-women’s liberation movement. With so many individuals on the Trump cabinet involved in painfully obvious outside interests, many financially based, it’s easy to see here how he’s actually FILLED the swamp with more problematic behavior rather than drained it of those who never had the common person’s interests at heart. Conclusion: The Swamp is getting Swampier.

Conflicts of Interest Although claiming he would cut ties to his business relationships, give his business to his sons ( which doesn’t severe the ties truly ) and not receive a salary, Trump continues to keep

close relations with notable individuals in charge of large corporate entities, hire them and of course still has licensing agreements that allow him to profit off of his buildings - which means receiving payments from individuals and organizations. Trump still has financial ties to his previous business ventures, and like I discussed briefly with some of his cabinet picks, Trump is purposefully continuing relationships with big money interests, many of them swinging extremely far to the right, making it clear that he only has one agenda. Furthering his own corrupt belief system, continuing his own financial gains, and hiring individuals who will benefit him personally. As long as Trump is profiting off of his business empire, the ability for outside corrupt influence on how he legislates is visibly clear.

Coal, The EPA, and The Environment Environmental science concerning the horrors of climate change is not politically based opinion, it is fact based, data based scientific conclusion conducted by the scientific community in large. The fact’s however, don’t fit Trump’s agenda, or benefit he and his corporate cronies financially, so he seeks to essentially destroy the EPA entirely, therefore putting our entire planet into peril by furthering carbon emission destruction. Wonderful! Trump recently signed an executive order that repeals Obama-era regulation meant to reduce carbon emissions and fight climate change. Trump’s legislation will no doubt not do much of anything for a finite, out-of-date resource such as coal. You can’t magically create a resource that can’t replenish itself. His legislation will however, most definitely hurt the environment, allowing air, land and water of many of these declining coal sites and other fossil fuel sites to essentially face vast abuse. The horrific, lasting impressions of land destruction, water pollution and air pollution not to mention carbon emissions will outlast Trump’s life, and the lives of many of those who voted for him. The sad irony is that the next generation, many of their grandchildren, and children, possibly even they themselves depending on their age, will have to live with strengthening deadly storms, rising temperatures, melting ice caps, rising sea level, undrinkable water, poor air quality, and a generally polluted earth due to climate change deniers such as Trump who threw science in the garbage in the name of their own financial ties. Many of these horrors are already occurring and are easily witnessed in our day to day news outlets. The environment, if anything, is the most notable victim of this administration because the lasting damage done will be irreversible whether or not the Trump administration wants to address it. The future of humanity will be forced to address it, both believers and refusers of climate based science. The saddest part - we know we can do better. Again, clean energy sources just don’t financially benefit Trump.

The Muslim Travel Ban Disaster

Struck down successfully twice, Trump swears

up and down this “Travel” Ban has nothing to do with religion, or banning Muslims. However, his executive order directly targets areas occupied predominantly by Muslims. Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen are majority Muslim countries, and no one within the United States has been attacked by someone from these seven countries. The meaning behind the territories he chose has no significant relation to actual terrorism, and vastly does nothing to stop actual terrorism. Most terrorist attacks have statistically been carried out by American citizens or legal residents. This poses the question as to why Trump would demand to ban residents from certain countries if the threat remains within our own borders, by our own legal people. It becomes easy to grasp why the courts have repetitively struck down Trump’s travel orders; because they are founded by no actual facts and unconstitutional.

Women’s Rights, Classism and Attacks on Minorities I could go on for decades. Trump has spouted off endless remarks concerning people of color, women’s reproductive health, and

classism. From attacking a Mexican judge for his heritage, to slandering Muslim Gold Star parents, to refusing to rent to people of color ( and being sued for it ), to cheating individuals in his “university” with false claims ( and being sued for it ), to speaking about women as if they were commodities to be viciously obtained, and groped. Although many claim not to be racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic or classist, the fact remains that anyone who voted for Trump, no matter how uneducated, out of touch or angry, was complacent with Trump’s continuous commentary. It wasn’t a “deal breaker” for them. It was swallow-able, possibly even commentary they agreed with. Trump has denied responsibility for racist, and harassment incidents that followed his election, 40% of which found those guilty involved relation or mention to the president’s campaign. Trump then claimed that the news created many of these hate crimes, and attempted to essentially brush them under the rug, calling them “fake news.” As if his own hate speech had no direct consequence.

In full, Donald Trump has proven himself to be the stereotypical form of the elitist billionaire fat cat. Self-absorbed, out of touch with the working class, in denial of anything that threatens his financial ties, and vicious

towards anyone who attempts to point them out. Trump supporters still riding the barely functioning “Trump Train” are sure to be in for an awakening, and at the very least, some seem to be ditching it entirely, regretting their choice of voting for the billionaire-in-chief. Unfortunately, their decisions will touch on generations to come, and the current generation, from a corporate focused economy out of control with little to no care for the struggling middle or lower class person.

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