Vivid Vixen: Tutorial

During winter, things can look and feel a bit dreary! Chase away the cold, wintery blues with this vivid, fun and exciting concept featuring bright purple, a flash of baby pink, a touch of cool green and a pop of copper!


  • Urban Decay VICE 4 Palette ( about $30.00 ) with shades Beat Down, Fastball, Arctic, and Crowbar

  • Kat Von D Liquid Liner in Trooper/Black ( about $19.00 )

  • Naked Flushed Palette in Streak ( about $32.00 )

  • Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Mascara in Black ( about $24.00)

  • Tarte Lip Crayon in Thirsty/Red ( about $18.00 )

  • Nars Lipstick in Cruising/Nude Pink ( about $27.00 )


  1. After applying your favorite primer and foundation grab your Urban Decay VICE 4 palette and apply the light pink shimmery shade "Fastball" all over the upper lids, blending softly in outward motions.

  2. Still in your UD VICE 4 palette, apply the deep violet shade "Beat Down" to the crease heavily, blending into "Fastball" in outward motions. Leave some of "Fastball" showing on the upper lid, to give your eyes a multidimensional look. Apply some of "Beat Down" to the outer corners of the bottom lashline as well.

  3. Apply the copper/golden hue "Crowbar" in your UD VICE 4 palette to the middle of the lower lashline, blend!

  4. Apply the metallic blue/green hue "Arctic" in your UD VICE 4 palette to the inner corners of the bottom lashline and softly blend into "Crowbar". Leave the golden/copper hue of "Crowbar" visible though still as well.

  5. Line your upper lashline with a sleek black liner, such as Kat Von D Liquid Liner in Trooper/Black.

  6. Apply a volumizing, light, black mascara such as Benefit's Roller Lash Mascara in sweeping strokes to the lashes.

  7. Apply a natural contour to the hollows of the cheeks and along the bridge of the nose. You don't want a dramatic contour here, because your eyes will be the focal point of this look. I chose the subtle bronzed hue in the Streak Naked Flushed Palette for this. I apply it, and buffed it out softly, blending it.

  8. The great thing about the Streak Naked Flushed Palette is that it comes with matching a highlight and blush. I used the pearlescent soft shade as a highlight subtly on my cheek bones and under my brow arch.

  9. Line the lips very softly, just to subtly accentuate them, with a deep red liner. I used Tarte's Lip Crayon in Thirsty/Red .

  10. Over the red liner, blending as you go, apply a nude lipstick such as Nars Lipstick in Cruising/Nude Pink. This will define your lips let keep you from appearing overdone by letting your vivid eyeshadow have center stage. You're done!


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